SNMP Supported MIBs

You can configure a CTERA Edge Filer (gateway) for monitoring using SNMP to gather a wide range of information.

The following MIBs are supported:

MIB-II (IF-MIB): Basic description of the monitored system, such as the system name, uptime, and network interfaces. For details of this MIB, refer to and
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB: Computer management information, hardware and software configuration, such as information regarding system initialization, processes, storage, memory, processors, and devices. For details of this MIB, refer to
UCD-SNMP-MIB: system performance data, such as system statistics and performance. For details of this MIB, refer to

For an H-Series edge filer running on an HPE ProLiant server, you can use the System Insight Manager MIBs to monitor the HPE ProLiant server:

The MIBs are stored on the SNMP server on the edge filer. You can monitor the edge filerMIBs using a management tool, such as the tool from

For more details, refer to USING SNMP MONITORING in the CTERA Edge Filer (Gateway) Administrator Guide.

To download the MIB files, go the Download Center.